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Carmageddon: Max Damage
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• Year: October 27. 2016
• Genre: Racing, Action
• Platform: PC
• Publication Type: Informal
• Language: Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
• Crack: CODEX

Operating System: Windows® 7+ (only64-bit)
Processor: Intel i3-2100 3.1GHz
Video: 1Gb DirectX 11 (AMD HD 6000 series GPU or equivalent)
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 20 GB
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Extras: Laptop versions of graphics cards may work but are NOT officially supported.

In the story campaign, where Max Damage trifled for a couple with a broken tightly sister Die Anna, players replace bots. Fight them immensely boring, as the AI ​​in its development gives weekly kitten. Yes, the same ranking system is puzzling. This is just one of the artificial limitations of the player. And where? In Carmageddon ?! Muse - I beg you, go back to the Stainless Games! Poor things picked Carmack syndrome. They are forced to earn money pereprohozhdeniya old tracks for the accumulation and release the next. Given the problems with pedestrians and extortionate prices for car repairs, you have to drive carefully. Gentle driving Carmageddon - the key to successful games. Yeah, and Joseph Dzhugashvili - the greatest Democrat of the twentieth century. You - the big umnichki, Developers, and now remove the plug from the eye. They will need for the vision of misery that you have created.

In addition to unnecessary ratings, Stainless Games made a blunder with the tracks. Setting them static: bush was not consumed, and the building does not collapse. Apparently, the Soviet engineers built, just shack remains unshakable, even becoming a meeting point pair "Hummers." Search for it they will have for a long time, since the card is unreasonably large. Whether they packed larded people, destructible objects and surreal views or buildings, we would have forgiven Max Damage visual ugliness. However, the developers have decided that the brevity and compactness with exorbitant concentration of entertainment on land span - not their style. That vast empty space and long dreary streets - all in 1997.

In search of opponents takes a lot of time? Design routes so that the jealous drunken rabbit IKEA in the gallery? Arctic Glacier map looks worse in The Elder Scrolls: Bloodmoon? No interactivity, traps from developers and gameplay chips? We drive to the stadium, and there is a void, and no one to give the detonator? Great grief! Here the developers have built an amusement park on your money with Kickstarter. Yes, sterile, routinely, and madness in it less than Driver. But to estimate the size, jumps on the roofs and familiarity of girls in bikini with the windshield. It's divine! Just do not look at Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8 of the last century. They insulted Max Damage just by their existence.

Perhaps we are too harsh for a "new» Carmageddon, because in it there are lighter moments. For example, awareness of the futility of NPC-being. You run, all such mylnokinoshny, the empty city - and see the car torn in half, fun knocks pedestrians. Suddenly you demolish it severed feed, and maintenance cost are not only a driver's blood, but also own a torn carcass. Too lofty? Well, not all are spiritual personalities. You may have to DeLorianu lusted after watching "Back to the Future"? In Max Damage, you can hold it in the corner and carry aki engine, having received the money, and more. The tale, not a game.

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