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• Year: September 27, 2016
• Genre: Action (Matrix Parody :)
• Developer: Landfall Games
• Publisher: tinyBuild
• Platform: PC
• Version: the future
• Publication Type: License (GOG)
• Language: English

Operating System: Windows 7 +
Processor: 2Ghz
Video card: Dedicated recommended, integrated will run at 720p
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk space: 500 MB

The basic concept Clustertruck so simple and commonplace that even ashamed to talk about it - our hero must be jumping on the roofs of trucks traveling to get to the finish line. Of the keys - the classic WASD, Shift to sprint and "Space" to jump. All. But this minimalism developers have managed to create an incredible adrenaline contraption from which it is impossible to come unstuck.

Initially Clustertruck gameplay seems simple enough, and in some cases even boring, but then with each level of the game to interfere more and more new elements, and the complexity grows with each passing minute. Around the middle of the campaign begins downright hell - trucks crush press, tossed into the air, thrown into a bottomless pit, and the player at this time make it on track to jump down on passing a new column, then dodging in the jump from the lasers, the move against the direction of flow machines. Within ten to fifteen minutes of this izmyvatelstva mouse in hand naturally begin to slide, but the passion and persistently not allow to stay up until the next level will not be passed.

The secret of such a simple addictiveness - Clustertruck actively provokes pass the levels quickly and beautifully, giving points for the purchase of a variety of skills (freeze time to the rocket backpack), and does not stop even in the moments of unsuccessful attempts. Just one press of a key, - the level restarts again. And again. And again. Clustertruck does require quick reactions, eye and dexterity, which is not enough for many modern games in general.

This Clustertruck itself is made in a rather minimalist, monochrome and soft colors, so that the environment does not dazzle special effects and does not interfere with the process. Someone, by the way, it's certainly not like it - the worlds and levels, is divided arbitrarily into several themes (From "Desert" to "Hell"), in principle, quite strongly resemble each other, but no one bothers to create the internal editor your own route .

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