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• Year on Sep 13. 2016
• Genre: Action
• Platform: PC
• Publishing Type: RePack
• Language: Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese
• Language: English
• Crack: enclosing (CODEX)

Operating System: Windows 7 +
Processor: Intel® Core ™ 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz
Video card: NVIDIA® GeForce® 550TI / AMD 6770
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 8 GB

At one time, Dead Rising was one of the first decent games for the Xbox 360, Dead Rising 3 and even got to the starting line of Xbox One. Through this symbolic intersection it is very convenient to compare what was this game then, and what has now become. Comparison unfortunately, is not generally in favor of Dead Rising 3.

The three parts of a game - it is quite a lot, and certainly at least suggests that the game is quite successful commercially. The piquancy of the situation is that the creators of the series, it seems, do not fully understand what has brought success to that of the first Dead Rising 2006. All this time Capcom behaved at least strange. Commissioned the development of the second series of the Canadian studio, to care about the game of baseball. Those made almost an exact copy of the original game (even repeated archetypes and templates fights villains with them), but more about the conditional and Las Vegas. Realizing that the breakthrough did not happen for some reason, we decided once again to release Dead Rising 2, but with the hero of the first part in the lead role. But a new generation of consoles is also prepared in a big way: did destructible environments, new city and the opportunity to ride in cars and tune them.

As a result of all these awkward movements are rather good game, lacking, however, that particular charm of what was in the original Dead Rising. That game produced a strange effect: the inconvenient administration and angry saves system (record progress could only be in one place for the rest of the game, and no checkpoints) resonated with the atmosphere of total zombie chaos, created the game some special nerve. In Dead Rising was terribly uncomfortable to play, and this discomfort was vital to her: perhaps the only way to convey a sense of panic person for three days trapped in a mall full of the living dead.

Obviously, it must be uncomfortable and scary all the time for his own skin - have time to stagger to whether asylum? And then there's his ear ticking timer, time passes inexorably and expire time allocated to rescue survivors scattered Megamall. Do not have time - everything, "JILL dead" - reported by the red letters on the screen. Who is Jill - was not at all clear, but his stomach was beginning to suck: that's just that somewhere was Jill, and now she died in agony, and it does not help, because the time is up, and the last save was three hours ago.

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