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For Honor
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Carve a path of destruction through an intense, believable battlefield in For Honor.

However, For Honor not only makes the gamer feel like a Scandinavian raiders, but also wisely presents the battle. They are incredibly atmospheric. You look at them - and terrifying chaos, where no place rassharkivaniyam and Elf in bronelifchikah. War - a dirty business. In the For Honor convinced of this once in a hodgepodge of more living bodies, the bodies of the dead - and mud mixed with blood. She may be an enemy, and perhaps allied. The poor man in the heat of battle poked a youthful swing two-handed ax - and went to Valhalla. It is of course possible to resurrect for a certain time, but in the heat of battle to make it difficult. The enemy does not sleep, and soldiers controlled digital algorithms afford to kill the sluggishness player crazy stroke of the sword. All of the garlic.

Ubisoft has made a very believable atmosphere, but in the gameplay to bend the spear with realism did not, and did the right thing. For Honor and so breaks all the template used to seeing someone from the French giant alone Assassins Yes Far Cry. Fighting For Honor System angrier hangover berserk and training mission in understanding the nuances of the game helps a little. It is best to chew the basics. The fighter can stand a few racks. For example, pieces of iron arms looking to the left. So, to attack and fend off enemy attacks is possible only on this side. To protect against an attack from the right need to change position. In addition, there are tricks and meanness, like pink, puncturing a defensive stance.

His first fight with a live opponent knocks the head of such simple knowledge, often with his head. Easy to change the rack from any harmless dummy is ready, but keep track of the grip of his ax, when the straight horn flies compartment stranger - achievement and considerable. Fights are extremely messy, so popervosti player will panic and confuse management, often dying. Likened to Tom Cruise from "Edge of Tomorrow" die with dignity - and revive a little bit of valuable information. So a dozen battles later grow personal player skill, and have already obnoxious enemy lay down his life to the sword in the gras.

With all the elementary control Battle For Honor gameplay is built so that you can grow to infinity. The reason for this difference in the classroom. At the same Raider Viking fighting style is different from the Watcher of the knights. Yes, both own two-handed weapon, but the same attack speed varies. Such small things that affect the general perception of the hero and the pace in the fight, at the Ranger and Raider found plenty. Heroes of the twelve. They, by the assurance of Ubisoft Montreal, differ not only in animation, skills and gender, but also appearance.


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