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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 - is the third part in the series of famous shooters with a first-person, developed by the Polish company CI Games.

Unlike previous games, Ghost Warrior 3 is positioned as a project AAA-class, fully corresponding to modern standards.The events unfolding in our day and cover a large-scale military conflict between three hostile factions. In the role of a retired Marine Jonathan North player to get into the territory of Georgia and to remove the head of the terrorists, with whom he associates 

Open game world in which you are entitled to choose the method for eliminating targets. Sneak into the lair of the enemy and quietly cut all with the knife? Remove from distance, wielding a sniper rifle? Or equip large-caliber gun and climb on the rampage? The choice is yours.

A large number of side missions that can be performed separately from the main campaign.
Arsenal player has grown considerably. Firstly, the character has become more mobile and can perform various techniques parkour characteristic. For example, run on the walls, or to build on them. Second, you can now use the drone to analyze the environment and attack opponents.

On a sniper rifle is influenced by a number of factors: the calibration of guns, weather conditions, wind speed and direction, distance to target, gravity, and so on.

The ability to quickly move between shelters on the open spaces where you can store ammo and first aid kits.
Dynamic change of time and weather conditions. Use all of this to get a tactical advantage over their opponents.
According to the developers, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, the same will please both novices and hardcore players.

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