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• Year: Aug 22. 2016
• Genre: Action RPG
• Platform: PC
• Publication Type: SteamRip
• Language: Russian, English, German, French
• Crack: 3DM

• Operating system: Windows XP SP3 +
• Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
• Video: Hardware Accelerated Graphics
• DirectX: Version 9.0
• Disk space: 500 MB

At the start, the player receives a tiny craft with a handful of sailors and a few guns. Before beginning the captain opened all the way: you can be a simple merchant, murderous villain, and even hunter mythical Kraken. Not prohibited and alternate employment - the main time to change the flags on the masts, so as not to come into the harbor merchants under the same banner, with which the previous two hours took them to board ships. However, the destroyed ship is revived at the nearest port - albeit without a part of the goods and gold, but with all the other modules it valuable.

Sami naval battles - probably the best there is in the Tempest. Terms familiar to any fan of games sea. Most importantly competent maneuver: the more often you will manage to be the nose or behind the stern of the enemy by giving him one of the sides with guns - and the higher the chances of winning. We need time to change and shells: barshots break masts and torn sails, depriving the enemy's agility, shrapnel destroys the crew, and the usual core cause damage to the body. On shells is better not to save money - the more expensive, the higher the quality, plus there are additional effects, such as poison, which causes additional damage to the ship's command.

Immobilize the vehicle and reducing his team using buckshot, you can go on board the ship. Sturm presented as a simple little mini-game: captain of team points target, and then helps spetsumeniya like throwing bottles with poison at an enemy. Fighters bit, so it is necessary to distribute them carefully - if you send too large detachment of the deck or mast, nobody will support the attack from guns. The only pity is that after the victory will surely come disappointment - for boarding is awarded a gold and a part of the load, but can not pick up a vehicle. New ships are sold only for money.

The Tempest is gaining experience as a captain, and his staff - apprentices are ship's boys and gradually grow to veterans. Captain, you can select abilities, and some exclude others - for instance, if you increase the speed of the ship, is to improve the maneuverability has not come out. Toward the end of the game will get artifacts, and - mounted on a ship powerful mortars and flamethrowers help cope even with a very dangerous enemy.

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