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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
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In the very near future a great Bolivia, considered a picturesque corner of South America, becoming the world's largest producer of narcotic drugs. The world's largest drug cartel Santa Blanca subdued all the government of this country, which is now present lawlessness rampant, and the population pursues constant fear. Santa Blanca has a great influence in the criminal community and may very soon become a threat to global security. In Ghost Recon Wildlands you have to finish lawlessness once and for all in this beautiful corner of the world. We must act discreetly, dealing a blow to the heart of the cartel.

The mission, which we passed on the show, everything was arranged like a Hollywood action movie about the war. Simultaneous removal of time, co-ordination, constant communication between team members - all this created an incredible atmosphere, which really fits the theme and style of Ghost Recon. Perhaps it is something like missed the previous editions of the series.

However, much of the Wildlands concerned. First of all, the game is very inexpressive. She does not have her face. You travel for some steppes and hills, fighting the drug warriors of the apocalypse, but each new hill like the previous one, and the soldiers who serve cartels probably would not immediately discerned and a mother. Here you can ride in a helicopter and set off in pursuit of the enemy skedaddle on a jeep or motorbike, but after a couple of minutes rolls inexplicable longing. Even with a weapon is not all right. It shoots somehow strained, from it you do not feel the impact, and this is for the shooter a very serious problem.

In general, there is a tragic lack of Wildlands drive. This is a game that does not cause strong emotions in principle. She's just 'nothing', and that, perhaps, almost worse than "bad" or "disgusting". Once Ghost Recon was one of the greatest tactical shooters. Personally, I still remember how the first part, fighting on the territory of Georgia, by studying the levels to the last detail and is constantly experiencing pleasure from what is happening. Wildlands is trying to sell a more casual audience, and there's nothing wrong. In the end, "simple" does not always mean "worse". But in the process of transformation of the developers forgot about something important, making Ghost Recon great game. They are trying to compensate for the shortage chatter with companions, and their plan is part works, but - only in part.

Besides all the advantages of a joint passage will not be available to those who decide to try out the game yourself. Authors Wildlands promise that in battle the player will always accompany the NPC-helpers, but usually when cooperative game living people replace computer-controlled characters, it ends badly, and Wildlands does not give reason to believe otherwise.

New Ghost Recon tries to take the number where once took the quality. The huge open world, a lot of vehicles, a lot of missions - all this is fine. But Wildlands lacks sense of participation in the present war, which largely determines the person as a Ghost Recon series. Here he was traded for motorcycle racing in the desert. In our opinion, the exchange turned unequal.

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