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Xanadu Next
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• Year: November 3, 2016
• Genre: Action JRPG, Dungeon Crawler
• Developer: Nihon Falcom Corporation
• Publisher: XSEED Game, Marvelous USA, Inc.
• Platform: PC
• Publication Type: License GOG
• Version: Update 1 (from 4 November 2016)
• Language: English

• Operating system: Windows XP +
• Processor: Pentium III 866 MHz
• Memory: 256 mb
• Video card: 64 MB
• Free space on hard disk: 2 GB

Xanadu - is another ancient series of Action RPG from Falcom. Xanadu was born out of the famous series - Dragon Slayer, as well as in his time there came Sorcerian and Legend of Heroes. Unfortunately, almost all representatives of Xanadu never left the shores of Japan. But in the homeland game has cult status. This is not surprising, because Xanadu, in fact, is a pioneer in the ARPG genre. Largely due to its success, were born Falcom'ovskie other creations, including Ys.

But in this review, we will talk in more detail about Xanadu Next, you play on your PC now can be anyone, thanks to the fan translation. Plot complication is. Several years passed after a long and exhausting war, the end of which was laid only through the heroic actions of the Knights. However, almost immediately after the battle, know declared outlawed knights, and they started a bloody hunt. The protagonist of Xanadu Next - one of the last of the Knights, who had managed to escape from the persecution of the authorities.

In order to somehow dispel the gloomy thoughts of his friend, Char (friend of the main character, with which they grew up together in an orphanage) offers to go in search of adventure in the ruins of the once great kingdom of Xanadu. According to legend, this great country was destroyed by a powerful dragon. However, it put an end to the machinations of the hero with the help of a magical sword - Dragon Slayer. In addition, Xanadu, on foggy days to materialize the mysterious castle, which supposedly kept the coveted sword. However, no one has ever returned from there alive ...

I must say that the plot of Xanadu Next came out very interesting, with several sharp turns. In addition to the classic scene of dialogue, the story will be revealed with the help of ancient manuscripts, that you will look for in the chests. The protagonist, in the tradition of many ARPG, it, like a fish. But this time he has even its own history, and in addition, some of the features of his character will disclose Char in his diaries.

In Xanadu Next gameplay is quite different from their predecessors. The game is more inclined to the classical PC'shnym Hack'n'Slash RPG a la Diablo. One city-base, a lot of intricate dungeons, ruins and caves inhabited by various monsters. Downloading level fills gold, buy a good equipment - all that is so familiar to the pain, what to write about this for the millionth time is meaningless. But there Xanadu Next, and interesting features that distinguish it from the many Diablo-like games. For example, to play a more convenient joystick, although it can be a mouse. So then the fighting is not "stupid zaklikaet all to death," and more or less meaningful battle in which it is necessary to dodge enemy attacks and attack in the side or in the back.

If we are talking about the combat system, it is necessary to tell about the abilities and magic. Each weapon has its own ability. To learn it, you need to make frequent use of these weapons. In addition, when mastery will reach 200%, significantly increase the effectiveness of weapons. Abilities have as active (all sorts of powerful blows) and passive (increase attack, defense, etc.). Magic learn easier to do this, just need to buy / find a book.

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