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Deponia Doomsday
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3.18 GB

• Year: March 1, 2016
• Genre: Point & Click Adventure
• Developer: Daedalic Entertainment
• Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
Game Version: v.1.1.0239
• Platform: PC
• Publication Type: GOG License
• Language: Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese

• Operating system: Windows Vista SP1 +
• Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
• RAM: 2 GB
• Video card: ATI Radeon HD 3400 Series, Geforce 9400 Series with at least 512 MB
• Free space on hard drive: 3 GB

On the right side stands a certain bin. About his door at the bottom and to the right, lying balloon. Lift the cartridge. It would be in your inventory. By the way, open the inventory can not just pressing the I, and scroll wheel on the mouse down. To close the inventory is enough to remove the cursor to any edge of the screen. Opening the inventory, you will find not only a can, but also lighter. Hover your mouse over the balloon, left-click and drag it to the cigarette lighter, and then re-click on the left mouse button. So you combine both subjects, resulting in get a homemade flamethrower.

Return to the previous screen. Use that same ladder to climb to the door of the vehicle. Apply on the door a homemade flamethrower from the inventory. To do this, open the equipment to start at least on key I. After hover over a homemade flamethrower, located in the first cell. Click the left mouse button to Rufus took the thing in his hands. Then cursor should be taken out of the inventory, to the edge of the screen. So you close your inventory, while leaving in the hands of Rufus flamethrower. Place your flamethrower at the door, and left-click.

Near the door of the vehicle now has a tool box. Remove the burner out of it, which is soon to be useful to you. Head into the bunker on the adjacent screen, where you found a can of gas. Pulling out of the car, use the burner on the hopper door. To the burner working, you need to hold down the left mouse button. You see several "loops" that need to be cut. Just hover with the flame from the burner and hold until you see the cut.

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