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Outcast: Second Contact
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Outcast - Second Contact - a remake of the cult adventure game sample 1999.The plot tells the story of the overly curious scientists tried to establish contact with representatives of the other races, but in response to receiving a black hole. And now, in order to save the Earth from total extinction, the government sends in the parallel universe of three of its best researchers. Accompany them to have the former commandos Cutter Slade, whose role is precisely assigned to the player.

Original Outcast players remember a large number of elements, completely typical for projects those years. Large-scale plot campaign lasting more than 20 hours, which has lots of forks. Huge world, fully available for research. Advanced artificial intelligence system.Much of this has been regularly exploited by other developers, but the creation of an adequate response of the Belgians, alas, did not happen. Despite the favorable attitude of the press and players, 400 thousand copies sold does not meet the expectations of publishers.

Recall that in Outcast player transforms into SWAT Cutter Slade. In the game world, scientists discovered a way to move in a parallel universe, which immediately sent a research probe. Of course, it all went wrong: the probe has been damaged, there was a failure and formed the singularity, threatening world destruction. In the role of Cutter we'll go along with three scientists in search of the missing equipment and will try to prevent the spread of the spatial anomalies ... and subsequently become Ulyukayev, the messiah of a parallel world.

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