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Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma
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Release date: June 29. 2016
Genre: Psychological thriller, Puzzle
Publishing Type: Repack
Language: Japanese, English
Tabletka: ALI213

Operating System: Windows 7 +
Processor: Intel Core i3-530 CPU 2.93 GHz or better
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX650 1GB or AMD HD 7700 1GB (DirectX 11 graphic card required)
Disk Space: 4 GB

Nine people were locked up in the bunker, and divided into three groups. A certain "Second Zero" is going to play with them in the game. Each group will have to make decisions, which will cost someone's life. hopper door will open only when the die at least six. The clock on the wrists of prisoners occasionally injected the sleeping pills, erasing memories of the past. The outcome of the game depends on the fate of mankind.

At the heart of Zero Time Dilemma lies mechanics Virtue's Last Reward, but with a couple of amendments. The game once again is divided into stages: one to solve the puzzles on the second track of the story and make decisions. The structure of the old puzzles, although they themselves easier. They are left in a locked room, searched it, hoarding and combine items in your inventory, searching for a way out. Rooms are quite complex and varied, so as not to get bored, but built on logic. In most cases, quickly understand what's what and in what order is used. If you get stuck, help the heroes of comments. Yes, and Zero leave hints. Stumbling possible except on the mini-games: most of the time I took her assembly "heart" of the blocks. But in the mass they are simple and a bit annoying unless repeats. For example, "to lay down things in the trunk," you will make three.

But the puzzle in the series has always been in second place, while its main element - the plot - an interesting way changed. The first part was a grim tight thriller. Virtue's Last Reward stepped forward, zoom, reduce darkness and put on the ethical sense of the game: the heroes had to choose - or to betray trust a stranger.

Zero Time Dilemma develops the ideas and the sequel and the original. From 999 game has got paranoid oppressive atmosphere. On the massacres it is generous, and the ax is not the most brutal murder tool. "The game of solving" the heroes again divided into groups, and each choice leads to one thing: someone will almost certainly die. A dilemma of "trust or betray" gained more savage form.

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