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Mother Russia Bleeds: Dealer Edition
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• Year: September 5, 2016
• Genre: Arcade, Beat-em-up
• Developer: Le Cartel Studio
• Publisher: Devolver Digital
• Platform: PC
• Version: 1.0.4 (07 October 2016)
• Publication Type: License (GOG)
• Language: Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish

• Operating system: Windows XP +
• Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 (2 * 2660)
• Hard disk: 4GB
• Video card: GeForce 9500 GT (512 MB)

Ironically, the local Soviet Union recalls the horrors of capitalism, which frightened the Soviet citizens. Partly because the Soviet aesthetics blended dashing "Nevzorov nineties." The ball is ruled by mafia Bratva, her thick kryshujut bureaucrats in expensive suits. While poor country is sitting on a needle, they carouse on public money and indulge in all possible vices. They have lost touch with reality and the impending destruction of the Revolution pulled the discontented and the actual spread of banned substances. The main characters - a handful of Roma Street fighters - get involved in the confrontation of the people and the oppressors, and at the same time trying to figure out who and what they hoisted on "necro".

Scenario familiar, but if desired it can be represented in any country - no wonder the local resistance leader like Fidel Castro. Russian color this dark, but unpretentious added dystopia Soviet paraphernalia form the security forces and other little things, like the names and titles. Branded it spreading cranberry difficult: authors too earnestly trying to emulate Hotline Miami. One of the levels takes place in gimp-club "Caviar" - and if not the name, you would not guess which country it is located. So that cranberries are reasonable, come to the fore chernukha, absurd, and rivers of blood.

Le Cartel does not trace the mechanics of Hotline Miami, but only example of its flavor to another retro gameplay. The basis took twenty excerpts beat 'em up like Renegade and his descendants - especially Streets of Rage and Double Dragon. Only now it's not a romantic ode to the militants of the disassembly "legs", but simply a bloody mess. The feeling is similar to what gives Condemned 2: until the next nabesh hooligan face, he will lose all his teeth, shed blood liters and will be similar to the walking dead.

Fighting always violent, fierce. They charge animal energy, causing the strike after blow, until the next victim's brains do not stain the street. The rate corresponds to: management responsive, heroes beat fast and a lot, but enemies - especially in the later stages - Rod whole units. And at every level of their weapons. In the course are not only standard items such as knives, pry bars, Kalashnikovs or, say, a chainsaw, but also exotic: there are bricks and empty syringes, and even toilets. Once it happens to beat bloodsuckers accordion confiscated from hamovatogo beggars on the train.

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