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I am Setsuna
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• Year: July 19, 2016
• Genre: JRPG
• Publication Type: License
• Platform: PC
• Language: Japanese, Angliysky
• Crack: CODEX

• Operating System: Windows 7 +
• Processor: Core i3 2GHz and above
• Video card: GeForce GTS250 / Radeon HD5750 or better
• Disk Space: 2 GB

The inhabitants of the world I am Setsuna suffer regular attacks from monsters. According to ancient custom, to somehow reduce their aggression in the pilgrimage must go girl, ready to sacrifice themselves to save others. Monsters at the time of calm, but then the procedure must be repeated again and again. As you might guess, the next monster becomes Setsuna magician, whose name is rendered in the name of the game. With silent mercenary named Endir and hunter Aeterna she embarks on a journey to a place of ritual sacrifice. As usual, the journey turned out to be the heroes of a longer than originally planned, well on the way pilgrims, too, in the best traditions of the genre, meet other warriors and magicians who wish to join their company.

If you are familiar with Final Fantasy X, it is the beginning of the story will seem very familiar. Further - more, a little later you will meet laconic and experienced party members, armed with a huge sword Nidr wearing traditional Japanese clothing has a problem with one eye, as well as participated in the previous pilgrimages. In general, when you look at him and I want to cry, "Auron, is that you ?!"

Endir least like a carefree Tidus, but in his image flashed mercenary Ryudou features of Grandia II. That, incidentally, is also accompanied by a dedicated girl in her ritual travels around the world. Setsuna and herself recalls Helen, and Yong from Final Fantasy X, in the first place willing to accept his fate and that kindness and love, with which character sees the world.

In spite of all the friendliness and openness of the heroine, her name still goes back to the Japanese word "sorrow" that echoes the main theme I am Setsuna. Although there still is, a comic and light-hearted parts, the story from the beginning sets the tone for the tragic journey. It supports sad mood and the soundtrack, composed exclusively of minor piano compositions. By the way, one of the main musical themes of the game utterly reminiscent of To Zanarkand all the same Final Fantasy X.

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