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Tales of Berseria
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The scene of the Tales of Berseria performs sacred kingdom Midgand consisting of several large islands and countless smaller ones that form the archipelago. The main direction of development of the technology is the shipbuilding and seafaring.The main heroine of Tales of Berseria stands a girl named Velvet, whose life has changed completely after the incident that occurred three years ago.

Events Japanese role-playing game Tales of Berseria will develop in the Holy Kingdom Midgand, powerful country, which is located in the archipelago of the fictional world. Midgand powerful and his authority extends to other continents.The main character of the game, nineteen pirates Velvet was simple and guileless girl who loved his family, but a certain incident that occurred three years before the events of the game, it completely changed. She stopped smiling, became cold and embittered. According to the story of the game, Velvet actions significantly change the world.Events Tales of Berseria develop in the same fictional world in which the unfolding story Tales of Zestiria, but for many years before the beginning of history Zesteria. In the center of the plot - a powerful Sacred Midgand Empire, located in the archipelago, which consists of many islands. Vliyaenie empire extends not only to all the islands of the archipelago, but also in some countries in other continents. [8] World Tales of Berseria inhabited by people, as well as representatives races Malak - humanoids that do not have emotions, which people are enslaved and used their magical powers. The Empire rampant plague, called "demonic": any, to infect it, gradually losing control of himself and turns into a demon. Exorcists theocratic order of Abbey, which is of great political and religious significance, destroying demons and seek to establish order in the Empire, however, fulfilling its task, go too far.

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